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  2. Five Years from One Idea

    What started out as a simple conversation over coffee has turned into a nationally-celebrated digital, mobile, and social media conference and music festival. Five years ago, we were just one idea. Now, we're the place where ideas grow into many ideas.

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Five Reasons to buy a ticket

  1. Learn

    If you are thinking of starting a business, of any kind, MoSo is full of people who were in your shoes once. Think of all the free advice you’d get. Not to mention the networking possibilities.
  2. Knowledge

    Some people call it professional development. Others call it staying on top of trends. We call it awesome. The speakers at MoSo are leaders in their field and are here to share their insight and knowledge.
  3. Listen

    Audiophile looking for new sounds? MoSo aims to bring in as many new and emerging acts as we can, exposing them to a new audience and you something you’ve never heard before.
  4. Connect

    There’s parties. A lot of them. But they’re parties with a purpose. Rub elbows with speakers or chat up your favourite indie band. Share ideas. Collaborate. Enjoy.
  5. Share

    MoSo provides you with tons of opportunities to share your thoughts and pitch your amazing ideas. And with a captivated audience waiting to hear it, this could be the next big break you’re looking for.
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