Top tips on finding an online payday loan

If you are looking for an online payday loan, then there are a few points that you may wish to bear in mind. These could help you find the loan that may be suited to your needs:

– some providers of payday loans in Arizona are able to offer a service which is completely automated. From an online application, right through to an automatic debit card transaction repayment from your bank account, the whole process is seamless and paperless;

– if you are looking for a fast solution for a short-term cash flow problem, then there are online payday loan providers who can make the cash available in your bank account in as little as two hours – providing your bank can accept these fast transfers;

– to qualify for some payday loans, you may not have to have a perfect credit history. As payday loans are for relatively small amounts of money borrowed over short durations, some providers may be prepared to lend to you even if you have had credit problems in the past;

– you may wish to try to keep the amount you are looking to borrow realistic in terms of what you can comfortably afford to repay from your next pay. Lenders may welcome your repeat business on another occasion but not if this is because you have run short again as a result of borrowing too much the month before;

– bear in mind that the longer you have the loan for, the more you’ll pay in interest. Many providers charge interest according to the number of days that you agree to take the loan for;

– make sure you understand exactly what you’ll have to repay, remembering that other charges, for example to cover the bank transfer, may also be levied;

– try to avoid using a payday loan as a solution for long standing debt problems. Payday loans are an ideal tool for short-term cash flow glitches and are not really suitable for other purposes such a debt consolidation.

If you are finding yourself a bit stretched financially after the Christmas period, and it’s a long four days until you get paid at the end of the month, then an online payday loan could be the solution you need to tide you over until January’s payday comes along.

Summer holiday deposit: thinking ahead and quick payday loans

If you’ve just managed to survive the Christmas and New Year festivities, there is a fair chance that your thoughts may already be turning to the summer holidays. That might not be a bad idea because traditionally there are some great holiday bargains to be had early in the year and quick payday loans may help you take advantage of them.

The reason there may be some potentially great holiday deals available in the depths of winter is because significant numbers of people hold off booking until the last moment.

That means that some holiday companies start to become a little nervous about booking levels and desperately seek to encourage people to put down some deposits.

This not only helps them with their forward planning for the summer months but it also brings in some desperately needed cash flow during the traditionally quiet winter months.

The trouble is, of course, that if you have just spent considerable sums of money getting through the end of year holidays, then you may be a little strapped for cash yourself.

It would be a great pity to miss out on some of these bargains simply because you did not have the deposit money available at the time that the holiday companies were making offers available.

Quick payday loans may be able to help because you may be able to borrow that deposit money to snap the bargain up.

The payday loan typically works very simply, you apply to borrow an amount of money which, if approved, could be in your bank account within a few hours, the loan provider will debit your bank account to recover the loan plus their charges, on your next payday.
It’s fast, easy and avoids the risk of slipping into long-term debt.

It’s a sad fact of life that sometimes the biggest opportunities to save money go to those that, paradoxically, have the most money immediately available.

Quick payday loans may allow you to benefit from the savings available to those that have cash readily available. It may be a way of cutting the cost of your annual holiday and giving you something to look forward to through those long and dreary winter months!

We bought a house 10 years ago

that had one already–and had a friend put one in his place, about $1000 about 5 years ago. Where did you get the $4000 figure?
Our grocery store sells filtered water–you can bring your empty jug and fill it up–triple filtered, including a reverse osmosis filter. I must admit it tastes way better than carbon filtered water. Carbon filters and reverse osmosis filters are completely different. I don’t think one can compare them–reverse osmosis are probably superior, but wasteful of water and considerably more expensive. I don’t know of any BRTC that sells them.

That’s been one of the more appalling hallmarks of the US for years now

And, of course, Pres. Bush doesn’t help when he makes statements about our “American right” to drive more and more gas-guzzling SUVs, when he rips the solar panels off the whitehouse, when he refuses to sign the Kyoto treaty, and when he appoints his oil and gas cronies to key environmental positions.. Online fuel economy guide.
One of the things that first attracted me to Artway was that they were environmentally conscious, in their manufacturing practices and in their products. Sheesh..

I’m sorryyou’re so frustrated.

Congrats, Rose, that’s awesome news.

I love it that you’re praying about the business growing but only so far as God intends. There is that tendency for folks to get into their heads what they want or feel they need, and then get mad when it doesn’t go their way when perhaps there was a very good reason for that. I also love that you’re putting confidence in God’s plan for you, even if it involves skills and tasks that you don’t currently think you’re capable of. Again, we get caught up in what we think we can or cannot do and forget that life is growth and growth involves learning new things. Sometimes those new things are skills we never knew we had; sometimes they’re boundaries we need to respect. In either case, this is an awesome update. Onward and Upward!

I am on a break, waiting on a stamp to dry

I wanted to tell you that I forgot that dh’s barber also ordered another coaster set with a cowboy them. Her business partner is into cowboy stuff so that is who it’s for. I will create one from scratch for that part of the order and my wheels are turning already on that.

I will make a good chunk on this. About time! I give the credit to God for this order. He knew I needed the boost for my self-esteem and also needed the money for paying some business bills … taxes, occupancy fees, booth fees, etc. It will all get plowed right back into the business.

Of course, I am hoping that when the recipients recieve their gifts that they love them as much as I do. I also hope they love them enough to make a puchase themselves for gifts or recommend my business to friends and family.

I would like to make this business much more than it is right now, but only as much as what God wants it to be. IOW, I want to grow, but at the rate God wants it to grow and only to the size He sees fit. He knows what I am capable of, much more than I do.

Okay, folks

The daily challenges I’ve been giving myself are getting things moving in terms of sales. Dh went to the barber this AM. She is getting married and is trying to finish up gifts for the wedding party and a few close friends. Dh tells her about my coasters/trivets, shows her a sample. Voila’! She orders FIVE SETS OF COASTERS WITH MATCHING TRIVETS …. all due by Thursday! She actually doesn’t need them till Friday. However, I am going to be out of town for a few days starting Thursday. (Dh is staying home to hold down the fort.) So actually I would only get a one day reprieve if I were home–till Friday. (The barber is getting married Saturday.) This is, by far, my largest order at one time.

When dh came in with the order, after getting his haircut, I almost had a heart attack! However, I am calmer now. I went to the barber shop and talked to her–it’s just about 5 minutes from the house. I am playing some music as I work that makes me feel calmer and gives me inspiration.

I went to the barber shop because I wanted to make sure I knew what she wanted and let her look at some of the colors I have available. Fortunately the design for everything is the same. I don’t have to come up with a design from scratch.

I have started the trivets and will be done shortly with those. The coasters won’t take long but just more of them to do.

It is a good thing I went to buy more tiles yesterday. I had only the exact amount of trivets before that purchase. Now I have some extras. Inevitably there will be a mess up somewhere. I know I had some tiles for coasters but could not find them yesterday so I bought some more of those too.

Better get myself back to work now. I just had to send a report of the good news!

I really don’t like to think of my custom coaster business as “plan”

Because that term has a negative connotation to me, never really being an outstanding student and all. Anyway..

I have have been doing some creating today. I actually have been challenging myself on facebook to get a certain number of items done by a certain time to hold myself accountable. Saturday is when all this started. I had been web surfing looking for ideas, then never really implementing them for quite a while now. So, Saturday evening I challenged myself to get something created, photographed and posted on fb within 24 hours. I got it done with a couple hours to spare. So I made the same challenge immediately, to have something created, photographed, and posted within 24 hours. I got it done in an hour! It was done by Sunday evening.

Then, Sunday evening I challenged myself to create 2 things, get them photographed and posted within 24 hours. It was done with plenty of time to spare. Then this evening I got a 3rd project done. The ink fumes and alcohol ink fumes must be going to my brain! LOL

I have a secret challenge I have given myself, which dh knows about and he thinks it’s a good idea. I had to order a particular thing to get it done. I hope it comes in by Wedsnesday so I can get it done this week. When it’s all said and done, I’ll post about it on FB, with a picture. Till then, stay tuned and till it’s all done, my lips are sealed.

Oh it feels good to be back in the couponing saddle again!

Even if I only did a quick mini-run. Albertson’s (until Tuesday July 1) has the following on sale:
Garland Jack BBQ sauce .99 (coupon $1/2 = .49 ea after cpn), retails 1.99
Koolaid .20 (coupon Buy 10 Get 3 free, cpn expires 6/30, = .15ea) retails .25
Van Camps Pork & Beans .33ea limit 6 (no coupon) retails 1.67 each!
2L sevenup company “10 calorie” soda .88 WYB 4, (coupon .75/1) retails $1.29
So you’re saving (from retail) 1.50 more on each BBQ, .10 more on each koolaid, a whopping $1.34 ea on P&B, and a whopping $1.16 ea on soda.

At Stater Bros:
Farmer John hot dogs are on sale .99 (from $3.99) cpn is $1/2
Garland Jack BBQ also .99, but part of a 4 offers/household/day promo, cpn is $1/2
Koolaid also .20 ea
Reynolds baking cups .99 (from $1.29), cpn is $1/1 = FREE !!

Stater Bros has a “new” store policy (YMMV) that they aren’t supposed to take coupons if they exceed the sale price. It takes “too much of the cashier’s time” to manually ring up the coupons. So, be aware that on any given day, particularly if it is busy, and with any given cashier, they could refuse to take your coupon and you can get cash advance loans next time! On the other hand: WALMART updated their official policy, and are now allowing you the benefit of OVERAGE. This means if your item costs .90 cents, and the coupon face value is $1.00, you get .10 cents “credit” towards your order. What this really translates to is they have updated their software to ignore item price and only count # of items purchased minus # of coupons scanned.
HAPPY DAY, especially since they PRICE MATCH !

I may have actually sort of done the same thing

Our pasture landlord has traditionally been able to put together a haying crew composed of his kids and grandkids. But this past weekend as we were working in our own hayfield, we learned that his son (our age) now has two jobs off-farm so can’t help much with haying, and his grandson is only available part-time due to other summer work. My landlord is 90 this year and doesn’t have the endurance to go work the fields all day himself anymore. His wife is in her 70’s and she can run the equipment perfectly well, but she’s got a pinched nerve in her lower back so bouncing all over those fields is a long day for her. Yikes. They had to hire two new young people this past weekend, who by the looks of things don’t have a lot of experience on a haying crew. So my DH and I talked about it, and we told our landlord that if he’s ever short a person for his crew, to call me and I’d come work for him this summer. Part of me hopes he takes us up on that offer; I hate to see him work himself into exhaustion. Part of me is hoping he doesn’t call very often because we certainly have our own work to do. But geez, we’d rather help them out (and yea the extra money would be nice) than keep to our schedule and watch his family flounder around with getting their harvests done. Or worse, not get the hay done and then it goes to waste and their barns stand empty. So I guess we’ll see how it goes this summer.