Better news, bummer news

So I open my door today to find a “shut off your water” courtesy notice, along with a $44 PENALTY for not paying on time.

Say what? I paid that bill on July 1st, JUST SO I can jip Huntington Beach out of the opportunity to screw the citizenry over.

Because I pay online, I don’t usually bother to keep a copy of the confirmation. Which it turns out, is going to really mess me up this month. Because “evidently” I must have keyed in a number wrong somewhere….(either debit or account) because ‘they don’t have any record of the transaction.’ (and it’s not showing up on my bank account either, which is the only good thing.)

Of course, if I actually FIND it paid, and I entered in the water bill/account number wrong, are they going to refund it or credit it? ANSWER: HELL NO. (ok, her answer was (and I quote) “ABSOLUTELY NOT, it’s not OUR error.”)

Can you tell how much I JUST HATE this fricking monopoly of a city I live in?

Just trying to breathe baby.

The better news is: I have an interview for a parttime childcare position tomorrow, pays roughly $1100 a month, which would pay our bills and the rent shortfall.

Still haven’t heard from The Rival Firm. I told DH if we didn’t hear back after this week (they had said they weren’t going to make a decision til mid-July) follow up, and if it seems like it’s going to be a long while coming, call the 75 mile/day commute and see if the position is still open.

We need to get moving money IN.

Some of the things are the same way I look at other’s debt too

My neighbor managed to purchase her house for under 100k, but managed to refinance and roll credit card debt into it for 280k and now she’s in foreclosure. She abandoned the house almost 4 yrs ago and took a job in another state, but continued paying on the house and continue using the credit cards. I never understood why she kept purchasing stuff just to not use it or sell it cheap at a garage sale.