Top tips on finding an online payday loan

If you are looking for an online payday loan, then there are a few points that you may wish to bear in mind. These could help you find the loan that may be suited to your needs:

– some providers of payday loans in Arizona are able to offer a service which is completely automated. From an online application, right through to an automatic debit card transaction repayment from your bank account, the whole process is seamless and paperless;

– if you are looking for a fast solution for a short-term cash flow problem, then there are online payday loan providers who can make the cash available in your bank account in as little as two hours – providing your bank can accept these fast transfers;

– to qualify for some payday loans, you may not have to have a perfect credit history. As payday loans are for relatively small amounts of money borrowed over short durations, some providers may be prepared to lend to you even if you have had credit problems in the past;

– you may wish to try to keep the amount you are looking to borrow realistic in terms of what you can comfortably afford to repay from your next pay. Lenders may welcome your repeat business on another occasion but not if this is because you have run short again as a result of borrowing too much the month before;

– bear in mind that the longer you have the loan for, the more you’ll pay in interest. Many providers charge interest according to the number of days that you agree to take the loan for;

– make sure you understand exactly what you’ll have to repay, remembering that other charges, for example to cover the bank transfer, may also be levied;

– try to avoid using a payday loan as a solution for long standing debt problems. Payday loans are an ideal tool for short-term cash flow glitches and are not really suitable for other purposes such a debt consolidation.

If you are finding yourself a bit stretched financially after the Christmas period, and it’s a long four days until you get paid at the end of the month, then an online payday loan could be the solution you need to tide you over until January’s payday comes along.

That’s been one of the more appalling hallmarks of the US for years now

And, of course, Pres. Bush doesn’t help when he makes statements about our “American right” to drive more and more gas-guzzling SUVs, when he rips the solar panels off the whitehouse, when he refuses to sign the Kyoto treaty, and when he appoints his oil and gas cronies to key environmental positions.. Online fuel economy guide.
One of the things that first attracted me to Artway was that they were environmentally conscious, in their manufacturing practices and in their products. Sheesh..

I’m sorryyou’re so frustrated.

Congrats, Rose, that’s awesome news.

I love it that you’re praying about the business growing but only so far as God intends. There is that tendency for folks to get into their heads what they want or feel they need, and then get mad when it doesn’t go their way when perhaps there was a very good reason for that. I also love that you’re putting confidence in God’s plan for you, even if it involves skills and tasks that you don’t currently think you’re capable of. Again, we get caught up in what we think we can or cannot do and forget that life is growth and growth involves learning new things. Sometimes those new things are skills we never knew we had; sometimes they’re boundaries we need to respect. In either case, this is an awesome update. Onward and Upward!

Oh it feels good to be back in the couponing saddle again!

Even if I only did a quick mini-run. Albertson’s (until Tuesday July 1) has the following on sale:
Garland Jack BBQ sauce .99 (coupon $1/2 = .49 ea after cpn), retails 1.99
Koolaid .20 (coupon Buy 10 Get 3 free, cpn expires 6/30, = .15ea) retails .25
Van Camps Pork & Beans .33ea limit 6 (no coupon) retails 1.67 each!
2L sevenup company “10 calorie” soda .88 WYB 4, (coupon .75/1) retails $1.29
So you’re saving (from retail) 1.50 more on each BBQ, .10 more on each koolaid, a whopping $1.34 ea on P&B, and a whopping $1.16 ea on soda.

At Stater Bros:
Farmer John hot dogs are on sale .99 (from $3.99) cpn is $1/2
Garland Jack BBQ also .99, but part of a 4 offers/household/day promo, cpn is $1/2
Koolaid also .20 ea
Reynolds baking cups .99 (from $1.29), cpn is $1/1 = FREE !!

Stater Bros has a “new” store policy (YMMV) that they aren’t supposed to take coupons if they exceed the sale price. It takes “too much of the cashier’s time” to manually ring up the coupons. So, be aware that on any given day, particularly if it is busy, and with any given cashier, they could refuse to take your coupon and you can get cash advance loans next time! On the other hand: WALMART updated their official policy, and are now allowing you the benefit of OVERAGE. This means if your item costs .90 cents, and the coupon face value is $1.00, you get .10 cents “credit” towards your order. What this really translates to is they have updated their software to ignore item price and only count # of items purchased minus # of coupons scanned.
HAPPY DAY, especially since they PRICE MATCH !

It’s been quiet here at the blog today

Not sure if msgs. are going out and I am not receiving them or what. I have been crafting and creating the last 3 days. dh is at home holding down the fort while dd and I are at The Croppers Cottage. I have also received an order from a store at home where I have wholesaled some monogram coasters. They have ordered 4 more. I have been challenging myself even on this trip to create by posting challenges with a deadline at my fb page. So far I have met the challenges. I hope you’ll stop by and see what I’ve created and if you like my work, I hope you’ll “like” it and share it.
I am excited that this business is picking up. This past Tuesday I got a rush order that was big. Not sure if I posted it here but … dh’s barber needed some more gifts for her wedding party. She ordered 5 sets of coasters with matching trivets. Then she also ordered a different set of coasters. I had to get it out by Thursday morning because I was leaving to go on my crafty weekend. I ended up getting it done on Tuesday and delivered on Wednesday. It produced some much needed cash for the business. Plus it is getting my name out there.

We are going to have some custom shelving built for my studio at home. I have had to stash stuff in the living room because there is not room to store in my studio. The shelves will be about an inch thick and all will be adjustable and about 16 inches deep. Certainly sturdy enough to hold all my supplies. He is also building out a work table that will be able to hold a granite table top. The guy building the kitchen cabinets is building this job. He has bought materials and will be starting it very soon, if he hasn’t already. I can’t wait to get it done!

On the topic of or kitchen …. the cabinets, granite and sink are all in and dh is working on getting the faucet hooked up. Water lines have all been run for the fridge in the kitchen and the one in the garage, the dishwasher, and the sink. Gas has been hooked up again for the stove. We just have to have the back splash installed. We are on the list and know what we want, just waiting our turn in line. The granite got started the day I left for my trip so I have not yet seen it all installed. I cannot wait to see it when I get home.