I may have actually sort of done the same thing

Our pasture landlord has traditionally been able to put together a haying crew composed of his kids and grandkids. But this past weekend as we were working in our own hayfield, we learned that his son (our age) now has two jobs off-farm so can’t help much with haying, and his grandson is only available part-time due to other summer work. My landlord is 90 this year and doesn’t have the endurance to go work the fields all day himself anymore. His wife is in her 70’s and she can run the equipment perfectly well, but she’s got a pinched nerve in her lower back so bouncing all over those fields is a long day for her. Yikes. They had to hire two new young people this past weekend, who by the looks of things don’t have a lot of experience on a haying crew. So my DH and I talked about it, and we told our landlord that if he’s ever short a person for his crew, to call me and I’d come work for him this summer. Part of me hopes he takes us up on that offer; I hate to see him work himself into exhaustion. Part of me is hoping he doesn’t call very often because we certainly have our own work to do. But geez, we’d rather help them out (and yea the extra money would be nice) than keep to our schedule and watch his family flounder around with getting their harvests done. Or worse, not get the hay done and then it goes to waste and their barns stand empty. So I guess we’ll see how it goes this summer.