This last week was a satisfying week

I got one single blog post (with links to 22 new recipes) up despite the H and O keys only working part time on my computer. It was challenging to say the least, and I’m certain I’ve missed more than one H or O I needed to go back and strike numerous times to get it in my posts, but there is no new computer in my budget right now.
Since we put an air conditioner in the office I may start doing my computer work up there again and use the Frankenstein computer dh built for communication as well as business work for awhile and limit this computer to web searches and bookkeeping. Do you have any idea how many H’s and O’s you do in even one post?
Anyway, back to the homework report (3 o’s one h)
The guys only worked 3 days this week due to the holiday and taking the half day off Friday. So it was a honey do 4 days weekend. They worked hard all weekend between repeatedly going to town for this errand or another. We burned more gas than usual for errands, but still less than what they would have burned if they had worked those other two days.
Ds returned the weed whacker because it simply would not maintain power, despite the fact he purchased one that was suppose to be the type for the amount of property we keep knocked down. So he’s got that $240 back in his pocket.
His other good news is the medical testing he had done Friday all came out fine and his problem is a minor one that should be gone soon. We are extremely happy about that.
We have now completed week three of living off of food storage, except for perishables. This week saw a Mazzio’s Pasta Bake clone using freeze dried sausage, dried mozzarella, pasta, jarred Alfredo sauce, jarred pasta sauce, dried garlic and dried onion, and oh yea a little tvp. It was delicious! Had I not had the two jarred sauces on hand I could have made them out of dried ingredients I had on hand too, but I was lazy.
Dh told me work seems to be picking up at their job and overtime may be returning by September. I am hoping he is right because it would speed up or at least let me meet my Dec 25 goal to be rid of Best Buy. It’s been good they have not been on OT because they have been doing so much around here. But we are so gazelle intense around here it is crazy, so overtime would be wonderful too. Ds has even got back to being that intense and is now paying considerable extra on his mortgage sized Sallie Mae.
Now about the countdown reference. We have set and overall goal for being credit card debt free and headed to WDW by a certain date (which shall remain secret at this point—bad guys read posts too) We are doing a countdown of days to that point—yep it’s getting that close. It’s still a huge number of days, but it’s now days not decades or even years. It is close enough I will be building incentive charts for the fridge this next week. One of those charts will be for weight loss, because after all the average person walks 6.9 -13 miles a day at WDW and right now two laps around Wal-Mart wears me out—hey it’s a super center! The guys do better of course because of all the chores they do around here that require sheer stamina, but they need to lose a bunch of weight too.
Therefore, we have agreed to a non-exercise, exercise program that we hope will help us get in better shape. We are all doing simple extra things daily, that we will build up slowly as we go. Because each of our levels and weight loss needs are different we are adapting it each for ourselves, with some common grounds, like nightly walks together.
Example: The few times I go away from the house a month now I will park even further out than I already do (it’s a big truck and hard to park so I always go to the end of a row to park) to walk in.
Here at home this week I am taking either the front or basement stairs at least one extra time a day—the guys want me to do this when they are home because of a minor knee problem I am having. Next week it will be two extra times. The following 3 you get the idea. I’m also taking the long way to the bird pens when I do daily chores since the guys have knocked those weeds back to a safety zone now. Purposeful extra steps in one way or another for any chore.
They will be doing similar things at work. They are on the 7th floor, so they’ll walk those steps more now—they had already been doing that a few days a week. Since neither smokes they are going to start taking “exercise breaks” to go walk a lap around the building, building that up as time goes on as well. You get the idea. The countdown on that will actually be a count up for us so we can do that 13 miles per day by the time we leave for Florida with no stress.
We have a similar cut down on intake plan for cutting calories and counting down our poundage. So this next week I’ll be making all sorts of new things to post on the fridge. I’ll add photos to the photo section when I complete making them. UPSTAIRS—extra trip. LOL!
Only minor extra income was generated this week, but a penny here, a penny there it all adds up.