I really don’t like to think of my custom coaster business as “plan”

Because that term has a negative connotation to me, never really being an outstanding student and all. Anyway..

I have have been doing some creating today. I actually have been challenging myself on facebook to get a certain number of items done by a certain time to hold myself accountable. Saturday is when all this started. I had been web surfing looking for ideas, then never really implementing them for quite a while now. So, Saturday evening I challenged myself to get something created, photographed and posted on fb within 24 hours. I got it done with a couple hours to spare. So I made the same challenge immediately, to have something created, photographed, and posted within 24 hours. I got it done in an hour! It was done by Sunday evening.

Then, Sunday evening I challenged myself to create 2 things, get them photographed and posted within 24 hours. It was done with plenty of time to spare. Then this evening I got a 3rd project done. The ink fumes and alcohol ink fumes must be going to my brain! LOL

I have a secret challenge I have given myself, which dh knows about and he thinks it’s a good idea. I had to order a particular thing to get it done. I hope it comes in by Wedsnesday so I can get it done this week. When it’s all said and done, I’ll post about it on FB, with a picture. Till then, stay tuned and till it’s all done, my lips are sealed.

Oh it feels good to be back in the couponing saddle again!

Even if I only did a quick mini-run. Albertson’s (until Tuesday July 1) has the following on sale:
Garland Jack BBQ sauce .99 (coupon $1/2 = .49 ea after cpn), retails 1.99
Koolaid .20 (coupon Buy 10 Get 3 free, cpn expires 6/30, = .15ea) retails .25
Van Camps Pork & Beans .33ea limit 6 (no coupon) retails 1.67 each!
2L sevenup company “10 calorie” soda .88 WYB 4, (coupon .75/1) retails $1.29
So you’re saving (from retail) 1.50 more on each BBQ, .10 more on each koolaid, a whopping $1.34 ea on P&B, and a whopping $1.16 ea on soda.

At Stater Bros:
Farmer John hot dogs are on sale .99 (from $3.99) cpn is $1/2
Garland Jack BBQ also .99, but part of a 4 offers/household/day promo, cpn is $1/2
Koolaid also .20 ea
Reynolds baking cups .99 (from $1.29), cpn is $1/1 = FREE !!

Stater Bros has a “new” store policy (YMMV) that they aren’t supposed to take coupons if they exceed the sale price. It takes “too much of the cashier’s time” to manually ring up the coupons. So, be aware that on any given day, particularly if it is busy, and with any given cashier, they could refuse to take your coupon and you can get cash advance loans next time! On the other hand: WALMART updated their official policy, and are now allowing you the benefit of OVERAGE. This means if your item costs .90 cents, and the coupon face value is $1.00, you get .10 cents “credit” towards your order. What this really translates to is they have updated their software to ignore item price and only count # of items purchased minus # of coupons scanned.
HAPPY DAY, especially since they PRICE MATCH !

I may have actually sort of done the same thing

Our pasture landlord has traditionally been able to put together a haying crew composed of his kids and grandkids. But this past weekend as we were working in our own hayfield, we learned that his son (our age) now has two jobs off-farm so can’t help much with haying, and his grandson is only available part-time due to other summer work. My landlord is 90 this year and doesn’t have the endurance to go work the fields all day himself anymore. His wife is in her 70’s and she can run the equipment perfectly well, but she’s got a pinched nerve in her lower back so bouncing all over those fields is a long day for her. Yikes. They had to hire two new young people this past weekend, who by the looks of things don’t have a lot of experience on a haying crew. So my DH and I talked about it, and we told our landlord that if he’s ever short a person for his crew, to call me and I’d come work for him this summer. Part of me hopes he takes us up on that offer; I hate to see him work himself into exhaustion. Part of me is hoping he doesn’t call very often because we certainly have our own work to do. But geez, we’d rather help them out (and yea the extra money would be nice) than keep to our schedule and watch his family flounder around with getting their harvests done. Or worse, not get the hay done and then it goes to waste and their barns stand empty. So I guess we’ll see how it goes this summer.

I live in a small town (7000 peeps)

and they are pretty graceful on the water bills.. its the smallest bill to be paid and we forgot to pay that tiny amount for months once and it was very embarrasing to have them come by and shut off the water (at the house at the road) and have them come back later to turn it back on.. simply because we overlooked that $25 bill that had added up to like $100 because we hadn’t paid it). Great little town that was very patient with us and doesn’t charge a boatload of fees..