I am on a break, waiting on a stamp to dry

I wanted to tell you that I forgot that dh’s barber also ordered another coaster set with a cowboy them. Her business partner is into cowboy stuff so that is who it’s for. I will create one from scratch for that part of the order and my wheels are turning already on that.

I will make a good chunk on this. About time! I give the credit to God for this order. He knew I needed the boost for my self-esteem and also needed the money for paying some business bills … taxes, occupancy fees, booth fees, etc. It will all get plowed right back into the business.

Of course, I am hoping that when the recipients recieve their gifts that they love them as much as I do. I also hope they love them enough to make a puchase themselves for gifts or recommend my business to friends and family.

I would like to make this business much more than it is right now, but only as much as what God wants it to be. IOW, I want to grow, but at the rate God wants it to grow and only to the size He sees fit. He knows what I am capable of, much more than I do.

Okay, folks

The daily challenges I’ve been giving myself are getting things moving in terms of sales. Dh went to the barber this AM. She is getting married and is trying to finish up gifts for the wedding party and a few close friends. Dh tells her about my coasters/trivets, shows her a sample. Voila’! She orders FIVE SETS OF COASTERS WITH MATCHING TRIVETS …. all due by Thursday! She actually doesn’t need them till Friday. However, I am going to be out of town for a few days starting Thursday. (Dh is staying home to hold down the fort.) So actually I would only get a one day reprieve if I were home–till Friday. (The barber is getting married Saturday.) This is, by far, my largest order at one time.

When dh came in with the order, after getting his haircut, I almost had a heart attack! However, I am calmer now. I went to the barber shop and talked to her–it’s just about 5 minutes from the house. I am playing some music as I work that makes me feel calmer and gives me inspiration.

I went to the barber shop because I wanted to make sure I knew what she wanted and let her look at some of the colors I have available. Fortunately the design for everything is the same. I don’t have to come up with a design from scratch.

I have started the trivets and will be done shortly with those. The coasters won’t take long but just more of them to do.

It is a good thing I went to buy more tiles yesterday. I had only the exact amount of trivets before that purchase. Now I have some extras. Inevitably there will be a mess up somewhere. I know I had some tiles for coasters but could not find them yesterday so I bought some more of those too.

Better get myself back to work now. I just had to send a report of the good news!