We bought a house 10 years ago

that had one already–and had a friend put one in his place, about $1000 about 5 years ago. Where did you get the $4000 figure?
Our grocery store sells filtered water–you can bring your empty jug and fill it up–triple filtered, including a reverse osmosis filter. I must admit it tastes way better than carbon filtered water. Carbon filters and reverse osmosis filters are completely different. I don’t think one can compare them–reverse osmosis are probably superior, but wasteful of water and considerably more expensive. I don’t know of any BRTC that sells them.

That’s been one of the more appalling hallmarks of the US for years now

And, of course, Pres. Bush doesn’t help when he makes statements about our “American right” to drive more and more gas-guzzling SUVs, when he rips the solar panels off the whitehouse, when he refuses to sign the Kyoto treaty, and when he appoints his oil and gas cronies to key environmental positions.. Online fuel economy guide.
One of the things that first attracted me to Artway was that they were environmentally conscious, in their manufacturing practices and in their products. Sheesh..

I’m sorryyou’re so frustrated.