I really don’t like to think of my custom coaster business as “plan”

Because that term has a negative connotation to me, never really being an outstanding student and all. Anyway..

I have have been doing some creating today. I actually have been challenging myself on facebook to get a certain number of items done by a certain time to hold myself accountable. Saturday is when all this started. I had been web surfing looking for ideas, then never really implementing them for quite a while now. So, Saturday evening I challenged myself to get something created, photographed and posted on fb within 24 hours. I got it done with a couple hours to spare. So I made the same challenge immediately, to have something created, photographed, and posted within 24 hours. I got it done in an hour! It was done by Sunday evening.

Then, Sunday evening I challenged myself to create 2 things, get them photographed and posted within 24 hours. It was done with plenty of time to spare. Then this evening I got a 3rd project done. The ink fumes and alcohol ink fumes must be going to my brain! LOL

I have a secret challenge I have given myself, which dh knows about and he thinks it’s a good idea. I had to order a particular thing to get it done. I hope it comes in by Wedsnesday so I can get it done this week. When it’s all said and done, I’ll post about it on FB, with a picture. Till then, stay tuned and till it’s all done, my lips are sealed.