I am on a break, waiting on a stamp to dry

I wanted to tell you that I forgot that dh’s barber also ordered another coaster set with a cowboy them. Her business partner is into cowboy stuff so that is who it’s for. I will create one from scratch for that part of the order and my wheels are turning already on that.

I will make a good chunk on this. About time! I give the credit to God for this order. He knew I needed the boost for my self-esteem and also needed the money for paying some business bills … taxes, occupancy fees, booth fees, etc. It will all get plowed right back into the business.

Of course, I am hoping that when the recipients recieve their gifts that they love them as much as I do. I also hope they love them enough to make a puchase themselves for gifts or recommend my business to friends and family.

I would like to make this business much more than it is right now, but only as much as what God wants it to be. IOW, I want to grow, but at the rate God wants it to grow and only to the size He sees fit. He knows what I am capable of, much more than I do.